Sarugakucho: Content Tuning

Sarugakucho: Content Tuning

Sarugakucho is a team of experts specializing in the tuning of entertainment content.
Tuning is basically to deliver ideas and conduct balancing to improve customer experience.

Our history starts with console games, but with the experience and know-how we've gained over the years, we have expanded our field, delivering development and servicing support for a wide-variety of contents, including smartphone apps, PC games, and arcade games.


Balancing and Playtesting

Development and Servicing Support

We conduct tuning and monitoring of products in various phases, from proposal to servicing.
We play, and/or examine specifications to verify that the concepts and targets are fulfilled by the product, and make proposals for improvement.

Through repeated game play, we examine whether the difficulty of various aspects are optimal and make proposals for improvement where necessary.
We also conduct data aggregation to take into consideration the play habits and preferences of the target players.
We can even work with third parties to recruit hardcore gamers for conducting large-scale playtesting and analyze the results.

Assisting planners, producing parameters, balancing, and creating game stages, are only a few of the ways we can support the gaming business.
Even for games already in service, we can analyze the activity of players and events, and make proposals for improvements and additional content.

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