Planning, production partnershipping, pre-production, production management, and licensing of TV, cinematic, and promotional animation.




Animation Production


We make content-specific animation proposals and follow through on the production by staff management and scheduling.

Major Works
Music Video: nonoc「ヒトリイロ」("Hitori-iro")

100studio produced the music video for nonoc's track 「ヒトリイロ」("Hitori-iro").

Music Video: nonoc「ヒスイ」("Hisui")

100studio produced the music video for nonoc's track 「ヒスイ」("Hisui").

We take the lead in production partnershipping, in which we discuss the roles, rights, and investment shares with our partners.

Major Works
Anime: Seven Knights Revolution

We took the leading role in the production partnershipping of Seven Knights Revolution.

Anime: Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

We have invested in the anime series Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

The preparatory step, put simply. With the proposal in hand, the materials necessary for animation production, such as the scenario, storyboard, and settings, are prepared.

The overall management and scheduling of the production process from rough sketches to completion.

We take on the role of managing the licensing of products, such as for third-party merchandising.

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